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  • By completing the online enrollment, you authorize Sitters Service to perform necessary search for suitable Providers.
  • You agree to the Sitters Service Fees including initial enrollment fee as described.
  • You agree to the pay the Provider as described.
  • You authorize Sitters Service to disclose necessary information to the provider deemed necessary for the service.
  • You agree not to hire, or refer to others, and candidate(s) presented by Sitters Service without full written consent of Sitters Service. You further agree any employment, or referral of any candidate(s) without such consent will result in your full payment of Sitters Service's permanent placement fee.
I authorize Sitters Service (the Agency) to act as a referral agency when I request services. I understand that the childcare workers referred by the Agency on temporary and permanent assignments are my employees and that the Agency is not their employer. If I employ a worker on a referral from the Agency, in consideration of the referral, screening and support services provided by the Agency. I will use the services of the childcare workers referred by the Agency only when contracting through the Agency. I hereby agree to hold the Agency harmless of any and all loss, damage, destruction or accident claims which may arise out of or in connection with the rendering of any services by any worker referred by the Agency.